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  Aug. 18th, 2008 03:37 pm
Now, I know that the Pendragon books are generally aimed at an audience of 12-16 year-old boys, but I really do like the series. Gets a little dull from time to time (Quillan Games took me about two weeks to finish), but the concept is a great mix of realistic fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, and dystopia. I've followed the series since my uncle bought me a copy of the first book just after it came out, when I was still in grade school, and cannot wait for the tenth book to come out.

I really liked Raven Rise, which is quite the accomplishment, since book nine of any series (or 7+, if we're being honest) generally doesn't manage to captivate its audience the way the first few did. Before we go into spoiler-level details, I'll give a general review. D.J. MacHale has this tendency to make action scenes too intense and uninterrupted, at least for my tastes; Quillan Games was one huge chase scene, which is why it is not one of my favorite Pendragon books. Anyway, this one was a really excellent balance of action and not-action, Pendragon and the acolytes, flume-hopping and sitting around, etc. Also, having a lower overall intensity allowed for major advancing of the plot, nicely paired with stretches to let things simmer in our brains. Also, some questions get answered! More on that below.

Spoilers! )

I'm very much looking forward to three books that D.J. MacHale has coming out called Travelers 1,2, and 3, which tell the backstories of each of the travelers from the nine territories other than Second Earth. I've always wondered about that sort of thing, and hopefully D.J. does a good job with it! Knowing him, these three editions will serve to enrich the Pendragon universe. They come out in January, February, and March of 2009.


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