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  Jul. 8th, 2007 01:50 pm
Hello, everybody! I am back from upstate, finally, and settled back into my wonderfully wifi-rich home. No more six-bucks-a-pop Starbucks internet for me! Also, my Office Mac software and iPod battery came in, so I am in geeky heaven. As much of a Mac person as I am, I have to admit that Word gets the job done and then some. Good stuff.

Also! Who watched Live Earth yesterday? What a great set of concerts! I especially liked the world maps in tires/oil barrels/etc behind the stages, and the fact that the concert was eco-friendly. I alternated between the Canadian channel upstate, which was covering the London event, and Fox, which skipped around. Now I'm MSN-ing it up to watch the other continents' events. Yay.


Anddd, I bring you poetry.

Haiku 1 (Lament)

Iridescent dawns
precede hard lamentations;
no one is immune.


When the iridescent sky seems to chuckle as it snows,
and fragile ice-faeries dance along frozen tree boughs,
and impending spring-scents are anticipated by a velvet deer-nose,
I know that I have made it home.


We reap black harvests
and dance on dead rye,
watching the forests burn
and not really knowing why.


The seductive whore that is summer
whispers sweet nothings into my ear.

We can't stay like this for long --
winter lurks just around the corner,
biding her time.
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  Jul. 8th, 2007 06:27 pm
A pretty cool idea -- Lj users write an entry by hand, scan it, and post it up. Here's mine!

My entry at [livejournal.com profile] handwritten_lj


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