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  Apr. 8th, 2008 04:16 pm
This season, I will be pursuing a style that I have called Seventies Chic. I found inspiration for my style statement in the hippie movement of the seventies; the hippie initiative, protest by peace and power in love, is especially relevant in today's world. I find real integrity in that kind of philosophy because, drugs aside, there is substantial power and potential hidden beneath a peaceful message that has been romanticized by the passage of time. I want to bring that kind of hidden power into my life: I am smart and sassy, but want to be mellow and earthy along with it. My style has to be more approachable than the power suit that matches my dominating personality, and so I will make the most of my identity as the child of a flower child. The 'chic' part reminds me that I am in 2008, going to a prestigious university with brilliant people. I need to be professional, with clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Key words this season include: polished, flowing, confident, bright, long, and professional. The soundtrack of the season ranges from the Grateful Dead to the Stones to Jack Johnson, exuding summery and light feelings. The personality that I will be emulating is a university student who brings nature to the big city, but remains modern and professional. She brings a brighter, modern twist to hippie style and keeps it chic.

Color scheming is mixed: bright focus pieces with a neutral counterpoint. For example, a bright floral skirt with a white tank top, or fitted white or grey shorts with a flowing patterned top. There will be a focus on white, the color of purity and cleanliness. Note that a Tide-to-Go pen is essential for this look. When denim is worn, it is to be paired with a particularly vibrant top or dress to brighten up the outfit.

Accessories are very important this season. White tops can be broken up with a bright wrist full of bangles, and patterned dresses toned down with neutral earrings and necklaces. Shoes are to be treated as any other accessory, with the outfit's brightness kept well in mind. As for hair, big is not bad -- though not always best, either. The standard, straight look is all right on occasion, but more wintery; teased and clipped back can work as well, or pushed back with a headband or pair of sunglasses. If a proper hat is found, that could work as well.

It is important to be impeccably groomed this season, for I cannot pull off Seventies Chic without such constant elements as short buffed nails, perfect hair, well-shaped brows, smooth legs, and flawless skin. Makeup will be light, clean, and blended; it will highlight my eyes and lips via open-eyed mascara techniques and sheer gloss, respectively. The dark eyeliner and heavy blush will be discarded in favor of a much more natural look.


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