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jazzonia ([personal profile] jazzonia) wrote2009-03-17 03:34 pm
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Original poem: 'Poetry is in my blood'

Poetry is in my blood

The words have been diced so small
that they sidle through my pores like dancers

My red cells and white cells and tiny newborn cells
are dwarfed by fragments of Times New Roman

I've got tails of Qs and arms of Es
and forgotten lips on the tops of Cs
and way more tittles than Playboy

You are in my blood, too,
the way champagne is on the eve of something new

So I want to write poetry with you

I want to sit on the hardwood floor
with the windows wide open and bolts on the doors,
scrawling beautiful words on sheets of recycled paper

( recycled, of course, because we are twentysomethings
in a loft in TriBeCa, wearing hemp and moccasins )

We could even write on each other,
about how your dictionaries hold up our coffee table,
or dropping out of college, or curry, or your mother,

or how our blood bubbles with promise, and champagne,
and boxed-up leftovers and January rain and