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jazzonia ([personal profile] jazzonia) wrote2008-08-31 12:17 am
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A Lie I Have Told You [original prose]

A Lie I Have Told You

Lie: I don't drink coffee

I love coffee. Have since the summer before junior year, when tall cups of iced java kept me sane through my long commutes into the city. All that caffeine makes me jittery and light, like my blood is carbonated and I have to keep moving, moving, moving, or else the bubbles will bubble their way into my brain and boomswishswish, there go my capillaries.

And you're the same way. You're worse than a venti macchiato, than an extra-large vanilla cappuccino, than four shots of iced espresso downed at once. You make me more carbonated than anything, make my blood feel like champagne as it colors my cheeks and warms my chest. You and coffee at the same time would be an overdose of goodness, such a rush that it's lethal.

Though, now that I think about it, dying of Champagne Blood really can't be all that bad.

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