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  Jul. 10th, 2009 09:55 pm
These are several spoken-word poems that I have been working on recently.  Comments are appreciated; the last one, especially, has been giving me a lot of trouble.


When I saw the pictures, later,
it looked like we were pretty giddy

( I mean, a red-in-the-face,
arm-linking, hand-holding,
footsie-playing, warm-all-over
kind of giddy )

and I'm pretty sure I was stoned --
I mean, I look kind of stoned --

but it could have been the giddiness

I'm afraid to ask,
so I wouldn't know


A Passive Revolutionary

I really don't get
why you mix adult jargon
with childhood catchphrases --

"Peter Pan politics"
and shit like that

Isn't English enough?

Maybe it's because of the freckles on your lips

They probably twist your sentences like DNA,
causing cross-overs and mutations,
catapulting our humble language
into a whole new state of being

Evolution's gotta start somewhere

And if that place is your lips,
smirking at me when I awake,
so be it



You say that I can't commit --
that I have trust issues
and daddy issues
and intimacy issues

I gotta work that shit out of my system,
you say

And maybe you're right --
that I'm damaged goods
like a spooked horse,
and none too forgiving

But to say I don't love you?

Yeah, I'm crass and kind of rude,
but I'm damn graceful with a pen.
I'm a poet, and

I --

I want to write about you.

Isn't that love enough?


Meanwhile, at MOMA

In that moment before fainting,
the world looks kind of like this



You make me feel as if I'm
reading The Bell Jar
alone, on a beach,
my skin this close
to burning under the noontime
sun --
but I'm too enraptured
to move
under the shade, so I promise
myself just five minutes
more --
but ten pass, then
twenty, and
Esther has stepped into
the room, and it's
beautiful --

but then I turn the page
and see nothing,
and squeeze shut my burned eyelids
and sigh.


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